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Monthly meetings to teach dentists about how to own a business and the business of dentistry.
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Dental Practice consultants that work with the business owner on a regular basis to review goals, solve problems, and become more effective business leaders.

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Success Since 1985!

  • Average Client Grows by 174%
  • Over 1 Million New Patients
  • Monthly Study Clubs
  • Free Practice Analysis & Valuation
  • 200+ Practice Mergers
  • 500+ Practice Transitions
  • Over 15,000 1-on-1 Visits
  • Over 1,800 Satisfied Customers
  • Double Your Practice Value

What Client Says

  • Thank you for hosting the front office enhancement course today. It was a pleasure listening to the speakers and picking up tips and tricks from them as well as the interactive class. Regan made excellent points on how to best handle insurance issues. Nate really showed the simplicity of weave from communication, stats and even collecting via text- WOW. Ryan took the emotion out of google reviews and taught how to manage them to better serve potential patients current patients and up our game as a dental team. Andrew, as host, has a great sense of humor and made us all feel very welcome. Last but not least.. the papa bear of the DBA team Mr. Jenson was jovial, loved to give out door prizes and threw in great pearls of knowledge only experience can produce. That's my take on the day and I'm stickin' to it. 🙂

    Mindy Petty Avatar
    Mindy Petty
  • Great information always given at monthly meetings and personal discussions. They are always willing to talk and give encouragement and valuable advice. Very valuable to the dental profession and I highly recommend them.

    Edwin Hurst Avatar
    Edwin Hurst
  • I have worked with them for years and it has guided me well.

    Jill Godfrey Avatar
    Jill Godfrey
  • I was in a GPR, and really wanted to find career a dental practice outside of corporate. They helped me find a great practice in the location that my family loves. They have also been there during the transition to ensure success. I would recommend them to anyone that is finishing dental school, or in a GPR.

    Tom Dickson Avatar
    Tom Dickson
  • We have been working with Glen and Andrew for nearly a year, and during that time have been successful in becoming more efficient in running our business. We have increased our numbers in nearly every category. Glen and Andrew are both highly likable, but professional and also very helpful. I enjoy meeting with them and talking shop.

    Heidi Cloward Avatar
    Heidi Cloward
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Our team has over 35 years experience in working with dentists. From generating new patients to buying or selling practices, we have seen every problem and every success. We walk in the shoes of our clients to help them solve problems and think like business owners.

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