Coronavirus Alert Form

This form is for all Dental Business Advisors Website Clients.

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak and subsequent reduction of dental services, we are advising all clients to have an alert notification on their website. We will place the alerts on all sites as soon as possible and have created this form so that clients can submit their preferred alert language.

Please fill out this form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


If you do not have time to write out your own alert, it is ok to use what is pre-filled here. You can submit this form again in the future and we will adjust your alert to match any new information/text that you provide.

The key is to get the alert live on your website as soon as possible!

Who will I communicate with to get this alert live ASAP?

There are two options for your alert:

First I will explain and give examples of the options you can choose from.

Drop Down Alert

This option will include a drop down with a small amount of text and a button linking to a page with a longer letter concerning the Practice and Coronavirus.

For this option, you will be limited to 150 characters (about 25 words) on the alert and you can have as many words as needed on the information page.

Click here or on the image to see this option live. (Thanks to Mountain Springs Dental for this example.)


Full Page Alert

This option will appear over the entire page and a user must close it in order to view the website. More text will fit on this option without going to another page.

For this option, you will be limited to 900 characters (about 150 words).
You can also choose to place a video on the full page pop-up, but in that case you will be limited to 50 words or less. You can also link this option to a page with as many words as you need.

Click here or on the image to see this option live. (Thanks to Zurcher Ortho for this example.)


Please provide your alert and statement text.

We have placed language you can use in the fields. We recommend that you make changes to customize for your particular office. The character counts are hard limits once you reach them you will no longer be able to add to the field. You may check your character counts at

Do not delay submission of this form to make a video!

If you will be providing a video, you do not need to have it ready yet. We can prepare and publish your alert and add the video later when you have it ready. If you do have a video ready, you may place the youtube link in the field below. If you make a video later, just email me the youtube link or the video itself.

We will be placing the video on your full statement page, and we can also place it on your full page alert, IF you limit that statement to 400 characters or less.

I can help you with the video.

If you want to provide a video, but need help, please reach out to me. The main things I recommend are that you stay upbeat but somber in the videos. Record in a quiet location of your home or office with decent lighting. If possible, place your phone in a tripod or on a stack of books/shelf so that the recording stays steady. If that is not possible, ask the recorder to hold the phone as steady as possible. If you do not know how to upload your video to youtube, you can email the video to me directly and I will take care of it for you.

Submit a video to me easily from this page:
It is easiest if you open the page on your phone, and record the video horizontally.

The video does not need to be perfect. The important thing is that you are connecting with your patients in this difficult time and reassuring them you are available for any emergency dental needs, and that you look forward to continuing with their full oral care as soon as the situation allows.

Once you submit, if you have modifications for me, submit this form again and for any section you do not want to change, just place "No Change" in the field.