We work 1-on-1 with our clients to identify and solve problems. As we work to meet needs and resolve concerns we introduce new concepts to grow the practice. From new patient generation to teaching you and your team how to more effectively build relationships with patients, our coaching and mentoring services provide the necessary feedback to help you grow your practice.

Let us help you become the effective business leader your practice needs.


Help your Team think like Owners

Being a small business owner means that you are a capitalist and that you are taking a risk. The practice has to do well enough to pay the overhead so that you can make a profit and take money home. We teach you how to motivate staff so you all benefit as the business grows.


Own the Business

Many dentists allow the business to own them, instead of the other way around. Ask yourself, do you own the practice, or does the practice own you? Could you take next week off and have the business keep producing? We teach our clients how to effectively lead the business


Maintain a Good Quality of Life

We encourage our dentists to work 3 days a week, but have the practice open 6 days. That means you maintain a good quality of life while still running a successful business.


DBA provides professional services that help dentists--owners and associates--understand and eventually master the business of dentistry. Our goal is to educate and allow you to make the best decisions possible for you, your business and your family. We focus on long-term relationships with our clients and actually limit the number of clients we accept in order ensure a high-quality, personalized experience.