Dentists spend more time and effort making plans to get into dentistry than they do making a plan to get out of it alive. At DBA we believe that you were not born a dentist and that you should not die a dentist... there is more to life. And there are better ways to create wealth than just doing clinical dentistry with your own two hands.

Rather than working until the day you walk out the door, when your practice is losing value, it is best to sell your practice when it is at peak value. This approach means that as a dentist you need an exit strategy that allows you to sell before you are ready to walk away, while your practice is still going strong, and keep working as long as you would like. Selling does not have to equate to retirement.

Buying the right practice will help you get ahead. 85% of the value of the practice is the goodwill--the relationship the patients have with the doctor. So why push the selling doctor out? Rather than buying a practice for as little as possible, or buying a practice with no cash flow, or losing a large portion of the patients, we teach dentists how to buy healthy practices that can serve as vehicles to financial security while maintaining their quality of life.

Whether you are buying or selling a practice we can help you maximize your position and create more wealth for you and your family.

We are currenty selling practices throughout Arizona and Utah. Please contact us for additional details.


DBA provides professional services that help dentists--owners and associates--understand and eventually master the business of dentistry. Our goal is to educate and allow you to make the best decisions possible for you, your business and your family. We focus on long-term relationships with our clients and actually limit the number of clients we accept in order ensure a high-quality, personalized experience.